Just as children go to preschool and kindergarten to socialise with other children and to learn a little before starting school, puppy pre-school prepares pups for later dog obedience training.
Puppy pre-school is designed for puppies between the ages of 8 and 14 weeks of age. This school enables them to learn basic obedience, to mix with other puppies and other people, all in the setting of the Veterinary Hospital. (So they also, hopefully, lose their fear of the hospital).

Why Should I take my Puppy to Pre-School?

It is a good opportunity to discover what type of personality your puppy has – is it shy or timid? an extrovert or a bully? Puppy preschool gives you an opportunity to mould your puppy’s personality.
Remember the first three to four months of a puppy’s life is the most important time in their lives. Anything that happens to them during this period can affect them in the future. This is a great age to teach them obedience such as sit, down, come and stay.
They start the lesson with a massage session that allows the puppies to settle and relax while around other puppies and people. This is very important with all breeds, but especially helpful with large breeds and puppies that are already aggressive.
The class then goes onto the obedience topic for the night, and then a discussion on various aspects of puppy care and behaviour.

What does Puppy
Pre-School involve?

The course runs for 5 weeks, one lesson per week. The class has a minimum of 4 puppies. Classes are 45 minutes to 1 hour long. In this time your puppy will interact with other puppies, be handled by other people (not all puppies live with children or have male and females in the home).
This helps them get familiar to all sorts of people and generally have a great time. Mums, Dads and siblings get to enjoy their pups in play and are also provided with some home revision.
Monday, 6pm – 7pm
Tamworth Veterinary Hospital,
106 Brisbane Street,
Tamworth NSW 2340

Please call the practice to enrol today.

02 6766 3988