🐈 ‼️Attention Cat owners 🐈‼️
There is currently a worldwide shortage of cat vaccines available across all brands of vaccines. In Australia, regular supplies are not expected to be available until early 2024.

💉 Our approach:
Our focus will be ensuring that previously unvaccinated kittens and adult cats deemed to be at higher risk are prioritised.
For kittens, we will give two initial vaccines and ask that you keep them in a safe environment until they receive a final vaccine at 16 weeks.

📆 Don’t delay health checks:
Cats can hide illness well, so don’t delay crucial health checks with your veterinarian in the meantime. If your cat is due for a booster vaccination, please book in for a health check.

🐱 How you can protect your cat:
Try to minimise the risk by ensuring your cat is entirely indoors, has no interaction with other cats, and is not exposed to cats of unknown vaccination status, such as stray cats.
Kittens are at the highest risk as their level of protection is very low after the initial protection provided by the mother’s antibodies.

🏠 Boarding facilities:
We will work with boarding facilities to provide our recommendation for individual cats given the situation.

📣 How will I be updated:
We will continue to release up-to-date information on social media as the situation unfolds.
When more vaccinations are available, we will work with our clients to asses the needs of each cat to reestablish immunity.

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