Arthritis & Joint Health

As the temperatures drop, arthritis and joint issues can become more pronounced in our pets, especially in older companions. Consider providing them with cozy and warm bedding, and consult with your veterinarian for appropriate supplements or medications to support joint health.


This time of year also brings out rodents, but rat or mouse poisons or traps can be very harmful to your pets. Seek less dangerous alternatives, and if your pet is often out and about, be mindful that your neighbours might be using poisons/traps.


While grapes might seem like a harmless snack, they can be toxic to dogs and cats, potentially leading to kidney failure. Be vigilant about keeping grapes and raisins out of your pet's reach, and educate your family members and guests about the dangers of sharing such snacks with your four-legged companions.


Autumn rains can lead to the growth of mushrooms and other fungi. Some varieties can be highly toxic to pets if ingested. Keep a close eye on your surroundings during walks, especially in damp areas, and discourage your pets from sniffing or nibbling on unknown plants.

Flea & Tick Control

While fleas and ticks can be present year-round, they may still be active during the autumn months. Make sure your pets are on an effective flea and tick prevention program recommended by your veterinarian. Regular grooming and thorough checks after outdoor activities can also help in detecting and preventing infestations.

Easter and Chocolate

While enjoying festive treats, be cautious about leaving chocolate unattended, as it can be toxic for pets. Dark chocolate, in particular, can pose serious risks. Keep all Easter goodies out of reach and opt for pet-friendly treats instead.

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